High Resolution ICP-MS


Finnigan ELEMENT2, Thermo Fisher, installed in 2007.
This instrument is a double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS. It is able to fully automatically change between three fixed resolutions by switching the positions of the entrance and exit slits in < 1 s. High resolution simply distinguishes the analyte from interference by difference in mass. This ability can be used for quantification and isotope ratio analysis for nearly the whole periodic table. Detection limit is as low as a ppq level.

Quadrupole ICP-MS


ELAN DRC II, Perkin Elmer, installed in 2003.
The ELAN DRC II attain chemical resolution to eliminate plasma-based polyatomic species before they reach the quadrupole mass spectrometer using Dynamic Reaction Cell. Detection limit is as low as a ppt level. This instrument is used for monitoring heavy metals in waste water in Uji Campus and also for research.



Optima 2000 DV, Perkin Elmer, installed in 2004.
This ICP optical emission spectrometer is equiped with a dual viewing system of the plasma and a dual backside-illuminated charge-coupled device (DBI-CCD) detector. Detection limit is as low as a ppb level.



TRACE GC2000-DSQ, Thermo Fisher, installed in 2003.
This instrument is equiped with a Dual Stage Quadrupole to virtually eliminate source noise before it reaches the MS detector. This instrument is used for monitoring volatile organic compounds in waste water in Uji Campus.

Clean room laboratory for chemical experiments

clean room

SANKI, installed in 2010.
The class 1000 clean room is desinged for chemical experiments of trace elements.

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